Our Process

How We Improve Your Credit

Before making the choice to sign up for our services, a trained credit consultant will ask you a series of questions to ensure you are a candidate for repair. We take pride in this pre-qualification process as it ensures we are only accepting clients who may benefit from our services. We don’t want to waste your time and money making false promises about our capabilities! If you were referred to us, please be prepared to provide the name of the referring party. We appreciate our affiliates and want to thank them! As you move into the setup process, we require your assistance in obtaining your credit report and providing additional forms of identification for our files. After gathering that information we will conduct a more thorough investigation of your financial situation and your financial goals so we can prescribe an appropriate course of action. We will flag any mistakes, inaccuracies, and any other negative items and begin work right away. You will receive your welcome e-mail with login credentials to your personal site where you can monitor the progress and have access to various resources and educational materials.

Your team member will begin the process of interacting with the credit bureaus to dispute the negative items on your credit report. Recall that we are performing these services on your behalf so you are likely to receive correspondence from the credit bureaus during this period. It’s important that you maintain communication with us through this stage so we can react accordingly. Depending on the number of items on your report this process may take several months. The average time in the program is 6 months, but your specific time will depend on your unique situation and your communication with us. See general timeline guide for additional information.

Our knowledge and expertise along with your patience and persistence will pay off as you begin to see your credit score rising. This occurs at variable rates for individuals, but ultimately our goal is to see you reach your financial goals. Therefore, it’s at this stage we strive to educate you on appropriate financial habits and provide suggestions on how to maintain your elevated credit score. Don’t be afraid to contact your team member to ask any question no matter how big or small. As you finish your time with us we may ask for a review of our services and we always appreciate referrals so your friends and family can achieve their financial goals as well.



  • Free Consultation and Pre-Qualification
  • Credit Review and Plan of Action
  • Initial dispute letters composed and sent to credit bureaus.

MONTHS 2 – 3

  • You’ll receive letters from the credit bureaus or your creditors.
  • Send the letters to us via fax, e-mail, or post.
  • Monitor your online portal for changes.
  • Maintain communication with your Elevate team member.


  • The process in months 2-3 will be repeated as necessary.
  • Monitor your online portal and communicate with team member.
  • Re-evaluation of progress and achievement of your financial goals.
  • Phase out of the program and review our services.
  • Get that (HOUSE, CAR, LOAN) you want!


  • Maintain your healthy financial habits and elevated credit score.
  • In some difficult cases, additional time may be needed to interact with the credit bureaus and/or your creditors.

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